Feeding Those in Need with Compassion - Releasing Poverty in Jesus' Name

We are so glad to be partnering with charity Compassion so that for every 6 box subscribers each month, we will be feeding a mother and her baby in a developing country for a month. 

Over 10% of our Happy Mail boxes is donated to Compassion each month

It costs £9.68 to feed a mother and her baby for a month via our partner charity Compassion. £9.68 to transform two lives. 

£9.68 to relieve one of life's most basic needs and give someone hope for a future.

Every quarter, Compassion will provide us with a report (including photographs) of how you are transforming lives. Every three months, we'll include this report in your Happy Mail box so you can stay up-to-date with the direct impact the £1.62 from your monthly box is having on lives around the world.